Coffee bag for the Unf*ck Your Morning blend. A ghosted out illustration of a coffee plant appears in the background and the side of the bag is red with the words Espresso.

Unf*ck Your Morning

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The roasters call this one “Serious Joe,” because it’s for serious coffee drinkers only and it packs a fucking punch to the head. If you’re down for a milder cup of java, take a look at our afternoon blend and have it in the morning instead. Fuck it. You do you. But if you can handle the monster punch of our Unf*ck Your Morning blend, then read on.

Unf*ck Your Morning is roasted dark to perfection for hardcore espresso fans. These beans come straight from Jinotega, Nicaragua and are, of course, Fair Trade and Certified Organic. Jinotega is 980 to 1,400 meters above sea level in altitude and produces a variety of top notch coffee plants from bourbon, catimore, catuai, caturra and more. This motherfucker of a blend offers notes of dark chocolate, walnut and mild lemon. Only for the seriously dedicated coffee lover!

Espresso Roast Size: 12 Oz 
Unf*cking Coffee ® | Unf*ck Your Morning

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