Coffee bag for the Decaffeinated Unf*cking blend. A ghosted out illustration of a coffee plant appears in the background and the side of the bag is yellow with the words Sweet Water.

A Decaffeinated Unf*cking

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So you’re one of “those” people! You just loooove the taste of great coffee (like us) but don’t need any more stimulation to get fired up (unlike us). We get it. You’re in luck because we’ve got a smooth pouring, sweet tasting, insanely delicious bag of decaffeinated love just for you. These beans are from Cajamarca in beautiful Peru and delivered fresh to make this “Sweet Water” Decaf blend we like to call A Decaffeinated Unf*cking. With notes of caramel and slight grapefruit for acidity, this will please the most discriminating palate. (And not jack you up.)

Decaf Dark Roast Size: 12 Oz 
Unf*cking Coffee ® | A Decaffeinated Unf*cking

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